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Please tell us what you think and help other girls with product information and your experience -- send your testimonials to We use only your first name and city and change nothing, even misspellings!

Alla, Moscow
Hello from Moscow!!! I've got my Skinny Jeans today! BlackOut is wonderful fit!!! Thanks a lot for such amazing jeans I've ever had!!!
I send my best wishes to you for Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Alex, White Plains, NY
Writing to let you know that I received my new size 31 SkinnyP's on Monday (they are great!) and immediately sent out the pre-paid return envelope with the size 29 pair. You should be receiving it today or tomorrow at the latest.

Thank you so much for taking the time to get me sorted out with a great pair of jeans... and congratulations you on your excellent customer service. First day at the office wearing them at least 3 co-workers asked about them ---so kudos to you and the rest of the staff at Skinnyjeans! I'm already passing out recommendations. : )

Please let me know if the first pair of jeans makes it back to you safely.

Many thanks, looking forward to future purchases in OTHER SkinnyP colors,

Ann, Williamsburg, VA
Hi. My skinny jeans just arrived. They are THE PERFECT FIT and are a size smaller than I usually wear. As soon as I received these amazing jeans, I ran to my room and put them on...and then had my husband take a picture. YES! YES! YES! They make me look at least 10 pounds lighter!!!!!! Even my husband,who initially complained about me buying new jeans when I have more than enough (that my belly and butt hang out of), was shocked how amazing these jeans look on me! Selling my old I can buy more Skinnies.

Sarah, Los Angeles, CA
I am not the type of person to review products but as a proud Angeleno I want to give a shout out to these amazing jeans that come out of the beautiful city of Los Angeles. The average skinny jean simply is not made for a size 31, Hello! skinnies are the grand exception. I purchased my first pair months ago during a particularly frustrating jean shopping session and appreciated them, but I did not truly understand just how amazing these jeans are until today. I went looking for some trendy lightweight brightly colored summer jeans and ended up feeling fat, fat, and fatter until the sales associate brought in a few pairs of the 'team color' skinnies. I slipped on a pair of the gold colored jeans and issued a sigh of relief when they made it all the way up my legs and buttoned without an epic prohibitory struggle. I opened my eyes and turned around, shocked to see how flattering the rear pockets were. The jeans looked great! I would have never guessed that a pair of bright gold jeans could make my size 31 booty look like a 28, but these jeans do! I can't wait to buy more colors. P.S. I would L.O.V.E to see a lilac color (please, please, please).

Tamara, Burlington, VT
I love my skinnyjeans! They are exactly as described - my thighs look thinner, my butt looks cuter, and no muffin-top effect ever! My husband is always asking me to wear them when we go out to dinner, or dancing, because he is so proud of how I look. I have tried dozens of other "skinny" jeans, but these are the only ones that live up to their description.

Chris, London, UK
Hello, My skinny jeans (2 pairs) literally just arrived and I have tried them on and love them. I haven't had a pair that fit so well (including the length). I look forward to buying more. I am so excited I have finally found my perfect jean brand. Thanks so much, Regards.

Jenn, New York, NY
I modeled for your company last year for a web shoot. I absolutely love your jeans! Since working with you, I signed with a new agency in NY and have worked for several high-end jean companies. I have to say, the pair of black bootcut jeans that were given to me as part of my payment are still my favorite. I wear them to so many castings and get a lot of compliments on them.

I would love to buy another pair. I was wondering if there was anywhere that I could try them on prior to purchase? Some of the sizes ran a bit differently I remember, and I forget which fit I liked best.
Also, if you are ever in need of a model again, please contact me. Will work for jeans ;)

Susan, Bridgewater, NJ
Bought a pair of your jeans on Friday, and wore them out to dinner with a group of friends Saturday night.  At one time or another during the evening, every single person commented on how great I looked, and that I must have lost weight. I don't have to tell you how wonderful it is to hear compliments like that!  And I love the fact that these jeans are long enough for me to wear with my four-inch heels - I can't wear those heels with any of my other jeans, all of which have instantly been relegated to wearing while running errands on the weekends. Amazing product!!!

Kim, Winnipeg Manitoba Canada
I’ve never bought anything online before, let alone a pair of JEANS! But I figured what the heck, I’ll do it just this once.  When I put these babies on, I was beyond thrilled. They make your butt look awesome, and I  have been sitting here at my desk all day and they still fit like they did when I first tried them on.  They are awesome. Well worth it. Now off to shop online for my next pair...

Nikki, Hertfordshire, Great Britain
I just wanted to say that I received my Jeans today and I am more than pleased with them, they are the best jeans I've had, great quality and definatley make me look slimmer! I would like to say that the customer service I received from Ellie was fantastic, I had immediate responses via email (I made sure the time I emailed was within the NY working hours) and I received my delivery within 9 working days, Im in Hertfordshire, Great Britian - I was also able to track my order every step of the way. So a huge thank you for amazing jeans and brilliant customer service. I would happily recommend these to all of my friends. I wish you had a store here in the UK, I'd love to Manage it.

Jackie, Kirkland, Washington
Thank you so much Ellie.... seriously, you have been the best online customer support person I have dealt with! Please forward this to your supervisor.

Marie, Phoenixville, Pennsylvania
I am the eternal skeptic, so I couldn't wait to get my jeans and see if they really fit the bill, especially at that price. OMG - the most comfortable jeans I have ever worn and they fit perfectly. I bought the size I usually wear (26 in Lucky) and petite. All the right proportions and great length (29). I highly recommend them!!! 

Kristi, Houston, Texas
OH My GOD!!! Thank you, thank you, a million times thank you!!!  I received them and they are truly fabulous!  I don't have enough thank you's to say...

Anne, Clemson, South Carolina
Just wanted to thank you for all your help with my jeans. I received them just before leaving for Europe. They are wonderful and I absolutely love them. They held up beautifully through 3 countries, and are so comfortable. I really appreciate your extra time and effort!

Lisa, Dublin, Ireland
Took delivery of my jeans this morning - they are brilliant! These are the jeans I've been looking for! Thank you so much for your help. :-)

Sharon, Cramerton, North Carolina
Hi once again - I hate to keep gushing about your jeans but, one more time.

I lost a bunch of weight (12/14 down to a 6). I treated myself to a pair of hello? Skinny Jeans. They fit like nothing I had ever worn, like I've said before. So much so, I currently have six pair and except for one super skinny pair of some other brand, hello jeans are all I have. I'm sure Goodwill appreciates my generosity. Since I still want to lose just a touch more weight, I bought a pair of size 4's, for inspiration. You know, hang them on the wall and dream. Well, just to see how far I had to go, I "tried" to put them on. OMG! OMG! OMG! Excuse me for saying this, but the fit was / is orgasmic!!! The 6's really are hot and I love them, but the 4's... I may never take them off (and with sexy undies... no male (and some females) for miles around want me to either). They are not sluty, not hey come and get me, but rather, I am so well put together that neither you nor I can believe it. And comfort... please, no pinch, no bunching, no baggy butt, just absolutely perfect fit, day after day, wash after wash, waistband to ankle hem. And they're green to boot. You are just too much. I told you before you had a customer for life, now you've got a salesgirl for ever and ever! It is not often someone doesn't ask about "our" jeans and receive a full sales pitch for my hello skinnys. Now if you'll excuse me, I've got some more jeans to buy, say five or six pair. I'm not real sure I can stand feeling this gorgeous, but I'm going to love trying.

Thank you again, so much - PS: As before, if you want to use any part of this for any purpose, please do. Anything I can do to promote the best fitting women's jeans on earth, would be my pleasure. After all, as good as you make me look and feel, there is nothing I wouldn't be willing to do to help. Now, if you just had shoes as amazing, I really would be in trouble - lol - S

Sharon, Cramerton, North Carolina
Okay, so I took you at your word about the fit of your jeans and bought a pair. I've got to say, I have NEVER been more pleased with a clothing purchase in my life!!! So very pleased I ran out and bought a second pair the very next day. 7's are okay and Lucky's have a nice feel, but hello's... Well, suffice it to say, I've found nirvana in denim, and doubt I will EVER buy anything else. And, oh yeah, they make me look and feel absolutely gorgeous. Thank you again for changing my life, as far as denim is concerned, it's hello skinny jeans or nothing! You absolutely may use my email praising the flattering fit of your jeans. I DID forget to mention that in addition to making me look gorgeous, they make me FEEL gorgeous, giving me the confidence to "strut my stuff"!!! They truly ARE life changing - thank you so much.

Sade, Portland, Oregon
I just received my jeans yesterday. The shipping was fast, and the jeans are AMAZING!!! I wear a size 36, and I swear they make me look like a size 10 or 12. I am a curvy girl, and I always have trouble getting jeans to fit over my thighs. These just melted on perfectly, and sat exactly where they should. My thighs no longer touch, and I can even sit in them!!! Imagine that! :) These jeans are worth every penny, and I will be getting more! They make your curves look even better. Finally a jean that suits ALL body types. Don't hesitate ladies...these are the real deal. Thank you Skinny Jeans!!!!!

Kelli, Queensland, Australia
Just wanted to say a big thank you for not charging an arm and a leg for shipping your jeans. I shop online mainly through American companies and I find shipping to be extremely expensive, sometimes this will be the difference between purchasing or not. So I just wanted to say thank you for not ripping Aussies off and making a wider choice availability. I do find it incredibly frustrating to find better quality products but also products designed for a women's body. I bought a pair of your jeans in NYC recently and they are the most amazing jeans, very comfortable. So again, thank you for your ethical practice!!!

Lindsay, Easley, South Carolina
Oh my gosh I just got my jeans in time for my anniversary weekend away with my husband and I am so excited! Thank you! Love them!

DeAnna, Hollywood, California
I received the jeans yesterday! They are great... a little snug in the thigh's but fit perfect everywhere else.

Kim, Dublin, Ohio
Love!  I am in love!  My favorite thing to wear is jeans. My least favorite thing to shop for is jeans... ugh! I am 6'1 and teeter between a 14 and 16. There isn't a store in the world (or that I have found) that carries my size. When I ordered my Skinny Jeans, I over estimated my size and ordered the 36 with a 35 inseam. They were too big. When my 34 size came in I thought there was no way I'd get them over my bigger thighs. Once on and positioned, they melted on to me. I fell in love instantly. I don't wear heels very often (I don't really need to) so the 35 inseam is perfect for my flats. I plan to order the 37 inseam for the times I do choose to add even more height. I am never opposed to spending money on denim because it is so hard for me to find jeans that fit well. These are well worth the cost!
Thank you for not leaving us tall, healthy ladies out... we are usually forgotten about.

Cheryl, Dallas, Texas
I love my SkinnyJeans! I have had a pair of the NiteWash Barely Bootcuts for a year now and just got the NiteOut wash for Christmas this year. I still love my NiteWash parir, but I'm even more obsessed with the new NiteOut stitching! They are so comfortable and never stretch out or sag like most other brands. Every time I wear them I get compliments and three of my friends have gone and bought pairs because they love mine so much, which I feel is the ultimate compliment. These jeans are perfect- I’m definitely spreading the word!

Kathleen, Edmontton Canada
Absolutely, 100% the greatest pair of jeans I have ever owned – and that is saying quite a bit from a woman who has purchased every designer butt enhancing jean on the market...... Sevens, Citizens, True Religion.... I have done them all. I am a generous size 10 and was nervous about ordering online (us voluptuous type gals know what a nightmare that can be) but I ordered based on the size chart, crossed my fingers and hoped for the best and my Hello Skinny Jeans arrived. I “plied” into them and  I was suddenly transformed into Salma, Tyra, Beyonce.  Never in my life have I felt as confident in a pair of jeans as I did in these.  As a woman proud of my curves I can only say that these jeans are meant for EVERY woman.... they plump what you want to plump, slim what you want to slim and fit perfectly out of the package. I have recommended these jeans to every woman I love, have received multiple compliments on these jeans (hubby got all frisky when he first saw me in them) .... these are the jeans you have searched for. On top of that, the customer service was phenomenal. I ordered my jeans one week before Christmas and they arrived prior to New Year’s Eve and that was INTERNATIONAL  SHIPPING.  Girlfriends, you cannot go wrong with these jeans.  Hello Skinny Jeans will become your new best friend. I only wish I could post my before and after on their website to prove my point. To all of the size 10 and over women out there I can only say this..... love your curves. Cherish your curves..... they are what make you a woman. And get your curvy ass a pair of Skinny Jeans..... they will help you appreciate the real woman in you. I  believe in this product so much that I am posting my personal email ( as well as my Facebook page (Kathleen George Smith) so that anyone who might read this review knows that a REAL woman, with hips and curves and gelatinous thighs and cellulite promotes these jeans.

Jessica, Haileah, Florida
I loooove the amount of stretch! They were probably the most comfortable jeans I've ever worn and I've been wearing jeans daily for most of my 35 years. I ride horses so I wear different jeans to ride and work in a manufacturing office so I wear different jeans to work. Either way I wear 1 or 2 different pairs of jeans most every day. Thanks for responding and I can't wait for the narrower leg!!!

Hanneke, Fairfax, Virginia
I have never spent this much on jeans before, but when I tried them on I knew they were the last jeans I would ever buy (and my husband agrees). PLEASE don’t ever stop making them!!

Rebecca, Alexandria, Virginia
OMG!!! I just got my first pair and if there were a Nobel Prize for jeans... These would win.

Gaelle, Solana Beach, California
I just bought my first pair of Skinny Jeans at a local shop. I feel so fortunate as the only store that carries your jeans within about 150 miles is only 2 blocks from my house!

I ended up with a size 28 and 32" inseam. Unfortunately they seem too short to wear with heels and I am barely 5'7". I thought I saw on your website that you have a 33" inseam but I can't find it to order it. Is my only option to buy 35" and have them shortened?

Thank you!!! Love my jeans and want to buy more. Need some help.
All the Best,

Annie, Qualicum Beach, British Columbia
Hello my Skinny friends (LOL!): I just wanted to let you know I received both pairs of my new skinnies today and they are just as fabulous as I had hoped. Love them!  

Carole, Cherry Hill, New Jersey
hello, i love my skinny jeans in 28 petite, they fit perfect~ you nailed it on exact sizing i am very impressed since i have tried every jean ever made only yours fit true to size! please i need them in black , are you making black in petite? AND white? they are very comfortable, i'l say that again!
Sincerely happy customer, Carole

Lucille, Las Cruces, New Mexico
I have made a couple of orders through your company. I received the first order and will be sending those back due to how they fit on me ... I, for once, felt thinner when I put them on; however, that is not why I am writing. I have had the good fortune to deal with a young lady by the name of Ellie in my second purchase. I had many questions as well as a few requests. She was extremely helpful, informative and responsive. I feel for her as she has had to communicate with me via phone and e-mail. She, though, hasn't shown the least bit of frustration. She has provided me with the information and help that I need without a blink (at least that I could see over the phone or via e-mail ;-) !) during the process.
I have been a supervisor and I thrilled in the time when I had someone who was patient, helpful and represented the business well. Ellie has done that for me.
So, congrats on an outstanding employee that is working to be sure that your customers and prospective customers feel valued. I will have to be honest and say that the product is a bit pricey for me. I, also, don't mind every now and then going a bit extra if it will make me feel a tad better long term. I will come back to this company from what I know now ... the product feels good and the customer service is excellent.

Deb, Seattle, Washington
  I am a HUGE fan of your jeans and have been spreading the word amongst my girlfriends. I BEG you to come out with a skinny leg jean....I would ONLY wear your brand if you did and my life would be complete!  :)  PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!

Olya, North Brunswick, New Jersey
Today I have received a pair of hellos in Blackout/size 27/35 inseam. I absolutely love, love, love the quality and the cut but... the sizing is a bit off. I am 5'9 and typically wear 27/28 in citizens/sevens and hellos in 27 seemed a bit loose. I would love to exchange them for a smaller size since I want a very snug fit. Would you suggest exchanging for size 26 or go 25? I am typically 5 pounds lighter then I am now so I am thinking 25 might be better. Any suggestion based on other inquiries? Once I figure out the sizing I will def purchase a pair for my mom. Thanks for you input and excellent product!

Danielle, Denver, Colorado
I’m usually the first to try something new so when I ran across this website from a search engine I was somewhat skeptical but I was proven completely wrong. My first thought upon seeing the jeans in person was “Yeah, right. These jeans will not fit my behind (I got a little junk in the trunk and some thighs).” When I put my first leg in I was thinking these definitely will not fit my thighs but I was wrong. I put the other leg in, pulled them up and did the plie’ and was pleasantly surprised at what I saw. Not only did they fit, they were comfortable. They trimmed my thighs and lifted my butt. The stretchy waistband is a pear shaped woman’s dream. I always have trouble fitting the waist when accommodating the hips and butt, but no problems here. The only gripe I have is that the inseams don’t come in 36”. I’m a 5’9” curvy woman who’s all legs and I need a 36” inseam to wear my stiletto’s. I ordered the 37” which is a tad too long even with my 4” heels on. I’ll probably take them to a tailor to have them shortened an inch. I do wish you would consider adding a middle inseam of 36”. Thanks Catherine and the Skinny Jeans team for a great product. My next acquisition will be DayWash and cords.

Sandy, Sunnyvale, California
I received my nitewash barely bootcut jeans 2 days ago. This 69 year old great grandmother looks 10lbs thinner and feels 10 years younger and sexy. Nothing but compliments all day. Sorry I waited so long to purchase these.
Skylar, New York, New York
Thank you! I received my order and I absolutely LOVE the blackout jeans. They're amazing!!!

I bought a pair of your jeans and they rocked! I wear them all the time and I'm thirteen. They're the best pair I've ever had and I really dislike jeans. They're worth it, though!!!

Natalia, Kew, Australia

Thank you for your help. The jeans arrived on time and I took it with me last week. I really really love it. It is fantastic, best I ever had.

Holly, Berlin, German
they arrived (very efficient packing job btw!) and I LOVE them. I will be leaving very positive feedback about my whole experience on your site and also a review on my you tube channel next week. Thank-you for all of your help & for an awesome pair of jeans:)

Deborah, Manlius, New York
I LOVE LOVE LOVE my hello skinnys. I waited patiently for the petite cut and they are perfect. Will you be offering the petites in other washes... particularly the day wash or the white wash? Thanks for any info you can give me... I get nothing but compliments every time I wear my hello skinnys. They are worth it!!

Emma, Ruislip United Kingdom
My jeans arrived today and are just amazing! Thank you so much for helping me with this.

Michele, Camarillo California
I recently ordered the nitewash jeans.  I received them the promptly next day and I wear them almost every day. I love them!! I would like to order the cords but don't see an option to do that?  Am I missing something?

Tenniel, Alberta, Canada
I just wanted to thank-you for the wonderful jeans. I have the Black Wash jeans & couldn't be more happier with them. Everyone thinks they look great, including my brother who thought they were very nice (and that is saying a lot!). I love how slim I feel in them & how comfortable they are to wear. If I could, I would be a pair of every wash right now. But instead I will be saving for first the Day Wash and then the Night Wash, which just the thought of gets me giddy! I have truly found a new favourite jean. I will be recommending them to my friends, because every girl should feel like a skinny girl! Thank-you again and I cannot wait to be able to order a second pair.

Wendy, Guttenberg, New Jersey
Just want to say THANK YOU for finally making a pair of Jeans that fit and flatters ones body.
I am so happy with them and am waiting for the day my husband agrees that I can get the Black Boot nite wash jeans... this time I will go a size smaller and shorter inseam. Although the ones I have are fine .and look dam good on me.

I was skeptical at first and was weary from some of the negative reviews... but I can only speak positive about your jeans and your staff... I will post positive feedback and have nothing but EXCELLENT things to say about Skinny Jeans and staff.

Jennifer, New York, New York
I just wanted to write to say I love my skinny jeans, and ask if you had ever considered making a maternity version? I’m pregnant and they looked so fabulous before I am sure they’d be my favorites for the next few months also (if they just fit my expanding belly).

Andrea, Viernheim, Germany
Hello, First: Thank you very much for you very fast shipping!
Second: The Skinny-Jeans are a miracle! Absolutley georgous! I love them, adore them!

Barbara, Murnau, Germany
I just ordered my second pair of SkinnyJeans, this time in DayWash. The first day I wore my NiteWash pair, I got so many compliments, people were convinced I'd lost at least 10 pounds. What an uplifting feeling! I live in Germany, so I was expecting quite a long wait for my jeans - but they were here very quickly, it only took about a week! Really awesome.

Will these be as quick? (I understand that it depends whether the wash/size are in stock)
Thank you all so much. Today is our 4th wedding anniversary, and for fun, I asked my husband what I should wear - his answer was "THE jeans, of course." I didn't have to ask him WHICH pair he meant...

Barbara, Murnau, Germany
My jeans arrived today - and I am THRILLED. My husband said he won't let me leave the house in these, because he thinks they are very hot! Thank you so much for the fast international delivery!

Sara, Canton, Ohio
I was searching skinny jeans that didn't make me look like a sausage! LOL so I searched and your site came up.  This is my second pair and I adore them...not too low but not too high on the waste and they are so comfortable... I could sleep in them! Thank you so much for making an affordable in style jean without looking like a sausage!

Lana, Lafayette, Indiana
I just received my first pair of Skinny Jeans size 30 from you and I love them! But... I think I may need one size smaller (yippeee) so I ordered the same pair in one down size (Size 29). Thank You so Much!

Vanessa, Lausanne, Switzerland
Greetings from Switzerland!!! While in Chicago, I recently bought two paris of jeans (black and dark blue). LOVE the jeans - and have had so many compliments. THANK YOU!

Karen, Danville, California
Thank you for expediting my order so quickly. This first pair I ordered took me almost 4 months to receive. This is actually my 4th pair. I heard about your jeans on television some time ago. My only wish is that at some point you come up with a pair of jeans with some sort of design on the pockets. I had a design sewn on the pockets of one pair, and received tons of compliments on them. Anyway, thanks again for sending the jeans out already. I will look forward to receiving them soon.

Jocepha, Miami, Florida
I saw them in the Oprah magazine and ordered a pair of black skinny jeans and i love them so much that i ordred a blue one. Great pair of jean.

Samantha Los Angeles, California
Hello Skinny! Do you make maternity jeans? I am just growing out of my regulars ones (that i love and wear every day!!) and need some that fit my growing belly!!!Please let me know!

Marnie, Barcelona, Spain
Thank you SO MUCH, The jeans arrived today, very pleased with your service , excellent! I’m so happy that you got them to me so quickly. I probably could have done with a size 25, still slightly too big, otherwise perfect. Once again thanks very much, I highly recommend you A++++++++++++++ especially the personal note on the invoice kind regards marnie

Marnie, Barcelona, Spain
I would now like to buy a pair of white jeans, I do need a size smaller.
My husband took them in for me, as they were way too big (he’s great with the sewing machine) However I still have to wear a belt with them as they slip down, he really likes them on me, says they’re the best jeans I’ve ever had, actually gives me a bum... sorry bottom, anyway, if I order again, could you send them to me as quick as you did last time? We’re having a party in my house in a couple of weeks and I want everyone dressed in white. Please let me know, before I order, as I need them for this party, thanks very much.

Denise, Bend, Oregon
I’m 56 years old and have been trying to fine the perfect fit jeans all my life. I finally found them. Thanks so much, I love everything about them. The fit, color style, leg cut and how thin it makes my thighs look.
I’m 5’8” and weigh 119 # and love your jeans. Thanks so much.

Denise, Santa Barbara, California
Hello, I am leaving on a trip early Friday morning. I would like to know if you have an estimate when my lovely jeans will arrive in Santa Barbara - hopefully on Thursday - otherwise, I feel another FedEx emergency in my near future. Your jeans are the best on the planet - everything and more your site (and others) say they are!

Dominika, Beaumont, Alberta, Canada
Hi there my name is Dominika . I ordered a pair of jeans in your black wash and I Loooovvveee them. I am a mother of 3 with the newest being only 3 months old and when I put your jeans on I literally looked like I didn't give birth 3 months ago they are amazing I love them and just finished buying another pair in the whiteout color. These jeans are certainly true to their name they are for sure " Skinny Jeans".  I look forward to letting all my friends know about your jeans. Please continue making them. The best jeans ever Thank-you...

Alicia, Brooklyn, New York
I just wanted to say thank you so much for sending my jeans overnight! They are amazing! I feel like a rock star! Thanks again!

Betty, Bahrain, UAE
Thank you. I just received them. I live in The Kingdom of Bahrain so they have travelled far. I love them.  They fit perfectly. Your sizing chart is right on! I wish I could buy them in the Middle East.

Angeline, Concord, California
I just got your Nitewash jeans and they are fabulous! I’m looking to buy another pair from you guys! I’m looking for a light wash denim and I think your beachwash might be it.. but I don’t think it’s in stock right now? When are you guys going to bring that back in stock?

Staci, Chicago, Illinois
I just received my first pair of SkinnyJeans, and I could not be happier. I just had a baby two months ago, so my maternity jeans just aren't quite right for me anymore, and my regular jeans are not even close to fitting yet. My best friend convinced me to try a pair of your jeans because she loves the pair she owns, and I am absolutely thrilled! They hold in my body in the right places and actually make me feel like I can go out of my house again! Once I (hopefully) lose the rest of my pregnancy weight, I am going to buy even more in a smaller size! Thank you!

Christina, Hopewell, New Jersey
Hi there! I just ordered a white 27 inseam 32 skinny jeans and was wondering if they are in stock? By the way, the is there any way I can check if the jeans I ordered this past summer/fall were night wash or day wash? Same name and address as the order I just placed. They are size 27 inseam 32 and I wear them absolutely whenever I can, get many compliments, and find them superbly comfortable!!!!
Thanks for a wonderful product!

Sally, Richmond, California
hello thanks for the great jeans i'm going to tell all my girlfriends about them!

Christy, Atlanta, Georgia
Hi! I LOVE LOVE LOVE your jeans. I bought a pair this weekend and just ordered 3 more from your site.

Michelle, New Orleans, Louisiana
I got my jeans this week and they are FABULOUS! I'm 5'8" and a size 14 in some things, size 12 in others. I ordered the 34 waist and though they fit, they weren't tight in the thighs and had a gap at the waist so I returned them and got a size 32, thinking that size would be too small. Well, I tried them on for the first time yesterday morning and was amazed. Told my husband that he had to take me out last night because I wanted to show off my skinny jeans, tucked into my new slouchy black suede boots. He said fine. Honey, when I came downstairs with my jeans and boots with 4-inch heels on, my husband's jaw literally dropped.  Neither of us could believe how hot I looked (I'm 55)! He was dumbstruck! I'd never paid over $50 for a pair of jeans and had told him they were expensive so if they didn't look good, I was going to return them. He never asked what they cost but said, "Honey, I don't care how much those jeans cost -- they’re worth it. You look fantastic!" No lie. These jeans are the nicest I've ever had. I can't wait to show my girlfriends today, as I wore jeans two weeks ago and they were so baggy in the butt that they told me to throw them away when I got home!  Jeans never fit me well, nor do most pants. I have long legs but most pants are always too short in the crotch length -- not these! And I've never had a more comfortable pair of pants in my life. I'm going to get a pair in the light wash, as I got the dark wash so they'd convert to dressy, but now I want them all! Thanks a million!  They're everything you said they would be AND MORE!

Julia, Chicago, Illinois
I have a quick question on your jeans. I just received my jeans on Friday night and think I have to go down a size (good news for me). But I wanted to know about washing the jeans. I know about the instructions, but will the jeans shrink at all? For the first time in my life, I am kind of hoping that they will.

Otherwise, I am in LOVE with your jeans. This is from someone who has the hardest time finding jeans ( hear this all the time). But I'm six feet tall with skinny legs and birthing hips and a country club ass (flat butt, there is no junk in my trunk). I can never find jeans that have a mid-rise that don't look like "mom" jeans. And other designer jeans have such low cut rises, I'm afraid to be arrested for exposure.  I'm so excited about your jeans and am going to order another pair later this week (smaller size).

So excited for about your jeans. Can't wait to see what is coming soon. (Maybe a straighter leg???????)

Jeana, Rothsay, Minnesota
OMG.... My jeans arrived today and I cannot believe it! Well over a year ago I lost 125 lbs. Due to the fact that I lost the weight on my own insurance will not pay for me to have the flat tire removed from my abdomen. (They say that if I had surgery to lose the weight that they would have paid for plastic surgery. Go figure.) In any case, jeans have been a real issue for me. I had finally settled on a man's jean that were "alright". When I first heard about Skinny Jean's I thought, "Yeah right". But none the less I went to your website. I was devastated when I saw the price of them. I saved for 5 months to be able to afford these jeans. The entire time thinking it was just another "gimmick". Well, I was finally able to order the jeans and they arrived today. OMG! I cannot believe how these fit. It is like someone took every one of my exact measurements and made these jeans specifically for me. Not only that but they are actually comfortable. COMFORTABLE!!!!!! They are jeans. How can they be so comfortable? They are like I am wearing a pair of sweats. AND I look HOT in my new jeans! I am going to have to start saving again so I can get a daywear pair now. Thank you! Thank you so much. They are worth every penny.

Jill, Gilford, New Hampshire
Yes Catherine, you can use my testimonial. I love, love, love, love your jeans. If I could justify it I would have 5 or 6 pair but there aren't enough days in the week for me to wear that many pair. So glad you are going to make them in a shorter length.  I will check your web site for sure to see when they will be available. I must also say that every time I wear these jeans I get comment after comment after comment about "how mucy weight I have lost". True, I have lost 11 lbs. but people don't believe me when I tell them that is "all" I have lost, they tell me it looks like I've lost about 20 lbs.!!! These jeans could be $300 and I'd pay it!!

Lindsay, Los Angeles, CA
I own THREE pair of your BRILLIANT Skinny Jeans. They have truly changed my life.

Laura, Gilbert, Arizona
These are by far the most incredible, comfortable, make you look totally hot pair of jeans I have ever put on!!  I usually have such a hard time finding jeans that are long enough that fit right in the thigh...these solved that problem!! I am 5'11 and can still wear my favorite heels!!!  I will be buying every single one of your products and am about to send a mass email to my friends telling them about this FABULOUS product! Thank you!! Thank you!!

Shiela, Chicago Illinois
Received the jeans--and they are great!!! (An additional perk--they don't bag in the seat like my other jeans.) I'm wearing them tonight. Can't wait till you have petites.

Anna, London UK
I received these jeans today and they are FAB! They do come up very large. For example I take a 26 in J Brands and they are a snug fit, the Hellos are also a 26 and would have needed a 25 otherwise great colour and lovely cut.

Jill Lewistown, PA
I just wanted  to say that after a VERY long wait (since August) Your jeans are the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They do everything as promised and make me look absolutley fabulous! The first day I wore them to work everyone from my friend at the post office, to my co-worker to my client, all asked me two questions, Number one question, Did you lose weight? (A little bit before the jeans but not much) Number two was, What jeans are they? Needless to say, 4 or  maybe more ladies will be checking out your website one actually pulled it up at her work after I told her about your fabulous jeans! My Mom can't wait to try them on and order a pair for herself. Thank you so much for creating the best jeans on Earth and you have made a Skinny Jeans client for life! Thanks again!

Dawn, East Aurora, New York
I recently purchased a pair of your jeans. After 5 children (including a recent set of twins) I needed jeans that did all yours promised! Normally I wouldn't spend as much as this, but after glancing over at the growing pile of less expensive jeans that I've purchased that don't fit well - I decided it would be cheaper in the long run to spend more money on one pair that actually fit well (the rest can travel to e-bay!)

Anyway - your jeans were absolutely true to your word! They are fabulous!  I love the chic look and the comfort...perfect!  I have never had a pair of jeans that didn't gap in the back at the waist... until now! They do not sag out at the end of the day, so I don't have to add them to my other mountains of laundry each time I wear them!

Here is where I need your help though... after wearing them a couple of times, I believe I should have ordered a smaller (yeah - its hard for me to believe too!) size. I have a size 31 and they kinda'  slip down as I'm moving about during the day - which means I have to keep hiking them up (not attractive!) The fact that they didn't gap at the waist made me think it must have been the right size... guess I'm just not used to a pair of jeans that's cut well!  I'm wondering if there is anything I can do about this - and have decided to turn to your expert opinion. Please let me know if you have any suggestions!

Thank you for your time and dedication to making all us normal bodied people look great!

Dawn~~ thank you so much for the lovely note, that is exactly why we made these jeans!! However, because the jeans are tight in the upper thigh (for a slimming effect) the jeans will pull down when you walk so you need to wear a belt!!

Emily, Norfolk, Vermont
Love your jeans.  Just bought my 1st pair last month to see how it would fit... and they are awesome! Even though I'm a whopping 5' 0'', it's so great how your jeans make my legs seem so much slimmer and longer and I don't have that weird gap of the waistline of the jeans in the back b/c of my big butt! LOL! It fits awesome.  My short stocky legs are definitely my problem area and to wear skinny jeans was never an option before.  Now, I wear them everywhere! :) Was a little wary about ordering on-line before trying them on first but glad I did!  Very excited when you get the petites in!

Denise, Aliso Viejo, CA
I purchased these jeans on-line after reading an article/review in the Los Angeles Times. It is hard enough buying jeans, buy buying jeans over the Internet without trying them on, it seems I was headed for disaster. I thought what the heck, let me give it a try, what have I got to lose.....

I received the jeans and I am writing this to tell you how AWESOME they are. They fit perfectly, just follow the size chart provided on the website. The denim used it extremely high quality, and they make me look half my size... they really are Skinny Jeans. I am ordering more today!

Jane, Atlanta, GA
Hi  :-) I have been in business 8 years and have carried over 50 different denim lines over the years. I have never seen anything like this... they are gone!!!!! We have 1 pair of night wash and 2 or 3 day wash.
Please let me know what I have on order that we are waiting on, I'm sure I will need to add more sizes to that order :-) I promise, I have never seen anything like it.... congrats!!!!!!!

Catherine, Kew Gardens, NY
I just received my first pair of SkinnyJeans today and I love them! I was never one of those girls who could wear skinnies until now! The fit is amazing and I truly do look and feel slimmer! I can't wait to wear them out this weekend and I will definitely be buying another pair... I've already spread the word to all my girlfriends =)

Mary, Los Angeles, CA
i have your jeans and i LOVE THEM. i've bought pairs for my mom and my godmother and i've recommended them to everyone else i know. they're truly amazing. now that i've gotten used to the fantastic fit, i'm yearning for skinny jeans in white, black and grey. are you making any other colors anytime soon? please please do!
huge thanks and keep up the good work!

Chris, Pinetop, AZ
This will be my third pair of Nite Wash Skinny Jeans... I can't thank you enough for such fantastic fitting Jeans.  I have been looking for these forever--they are the greatest.
Thanks, Thanks, Thanks...
Will you ever make a light blue denim???

Nicole, New York, NY
Ok, I admit I was skeptical but these are by far the GREATEST jeans I have ever worn. Life changing! I always wished I could look as good in jeans as I do in other kinds of pants, and now I do! These jeans do everything you claim and I am just thrilled. I want to buy a whole arsenal! Thank you for a phenomenal product!

Sally, Concord, CA
The jeans arrived while my housekeeper was here and she almost screamed when she saw me in them - they trimmed me down that much! What is so astounding is that even though they cinch in my 64 year old body, they are really comfortable to wear. You are the genius of jeans! I will be ordering again, as will my daughter and friends. Thanks for my slender look.

Jennifer, San Jose, CA
I just wanted to let you know that I love my new Nitewash Skinny Jeans! I couldn't wait to get home from my cruise vacation and open my long awaited package! Don't tell anyone but I think I've worn my Skinny Jeans about 3 times in one week! I've been showing everyone I know and encouraging them to buy a pair too! My husband told me to order more pairs! So I just ordered a pair of Daywash. Can't wait! I think it's time to go through all of jeans and start getting rid of those "other ones". Kind of tight on the thigh - was hoping for a straighter leg - but still a great GREAT jean! Keep up the good work! Make more styles! More colors!

Siobhan, Berkely, CA
thank you! they fit great! want to order every color!

Karen, New York, NY
I gotta tell you... I was working this job in LA, shooting every day blah blah blah. Every day I would drive the creative director and art director in my car... the CD is Italian, very into clothes, very good eye. On day 4 I wore the dark jeans and the first thing he said, was (are you ready?),
"KAREN, MAN, what happened, did you get extra skinny overnight? Look at you in those jeans!"
I laughed my head off and told him they were CALLED skinny jeans, and that he had proved to me that they work. Told them they should let their wives know about it.
Shelley, Venice, CA
I still wear your jeans on a weekly basis.. they are my go-to going out jeans. LOVE THEM!!!!
Theresa, New York, NY
I love these jeans. They look and fit great!!! I only wish they came in a 32” length which is a perfect length for me.  31” is a little too short because I like my jeans to cover my shoes and 34” is way too long. Other than that, these jeans are great!!!

Pauline, Houston, TX
Skinny Jeans completely live up to their name! They make you appear slimmer than you are and they don’t stretch out. They are the best jeans I have ever had and I am definitely going to order more in the future. I will never buy a regular pair of jeans again!!

Terry, Sherman Oaks, CA
My jeans are here and they're hot and I feel hot in them. Worth the wait and worth every penny. Thanks for your brilliance.

Ellen, Toronto, Canada

I'm really looking forward to getting my new jeans. I have seen them on a colleague and they are gorgeous!

RJ, Telluride, Colorado
I just wanted to let you know how much I love my skinny jeans! They absolutely deliver! In addition, your customer service  ROCKS!

Mary Jo, Little Silver, New Jesery
My sister, Katie, was wearing the Skinny Jeans yesterday during a family event and my husband really noticed how nice they looked on her. Today, he made me call Katie to find out the name of the jeans and where to buy them. I just ordered the Nite Wash and can’t wait for them to arrive. Also looking forward to the Whitewash. Thanks, Katie!
Susie, Mountain Top, Pennsylvania
These are the most fabulous jeans known to WomanKind!!! So great, I had to order another pair. They look awesome, and feel terrific. They are so comfortable, I can chase my three year old son, bend and play and look HOT doing it!! These amazing jeans, can only be seconded by the most amazing customer service. The personalized care and commitment in today's world is nothing short of heaven sent. You and your jeans are a life saver!!

Nina, Oslo, Norway
Thank u for creating the most flattering pair of jeans I have ever seen!! I have been searching for over a year for the jeans of my dreams, and here they are!!! Big thanks from a very happy girl in Norway!!!! :)

Meirav, Atlanta, Georgia
Its my 2nd pair of jeans and I'm in love :) I also ordered a pair for my sister who's just given birth - I cant wait to see them on her. The jeans (dark wash) fit perfectly to size, I'm a size 0 and I ordered a 24" and they are so comfortable I could sleep in them! Every time I wear them I get so many compliments I've referred at least 10 people to this site to get a pair too. I must stress that when SKINNY JEANS have your size in stock they send them out straight away , However, if your size is missing it might take a while for them to send your order, but, its worth the wait!

Jill, Phoenix, AZ
I LOVE THESE JEANS!!! I am about twenty pounds overweight and I carry it in my middle.  The waist band hits in a perfect spot for secure cinching. My clothes look better over these jeans than any of my other designer brands. Thanks to Oprah Magazine for featuring your unique jeans and I wish to continued success. Good luck filling all of those orders!

Roberta, Sacramento, CA
Even though the size I ordered is too small and I need to exchange them, just trying them on I realized how great these jeans are and why they are worth the money. I am a short slightly stocky person and it is amazing how flattering they are-they made me look tall and on the lean side. I can't wait to get the right size!

Christine, Kihei, Hawaii
Just got my Jeans, Love Them, be wearing them all over Maui.

Erica, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
I LOVE the jeans- and they fit like no other. This is coming from a girl who is 5'  tall and smaller waisted, bigger hips, and flatter butt. They hug where they are suppose to and give where there should be no huggin'!! I bought the dark wash which goes with anything and helps even more to be "skinny." I will not buy any other jean from now on - thank you SkinnyJeans!

Julie, Mclean, Virginia
I love these jeans! I put them on over the Thanksgiving holiday and they looked and felt terrific. You can dress them down and dress them up and always look polished. A friend sent pictures she took of me at a party and I was really happy how I looked in the pictures. I am tall and have always been thin until after I had two children; my body then became much more curvy. When I wear skinny jeans I am more confident in my appearance. And they are so comfortable! All my friends now want to order some too. I can't wait to get the black corduroys for the Christmas holidays. It is my present to me!

Catherine, Frisco, Texas
After seeing ‘skinny jeans’ highlighted on The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch – I just KNEW I HAD to have them; that they WERE – without a doubt what I have been searching for, for the last couple of years…. Being an ‘average’ sized woman (size 34) it is sometimes difficult to find jeans that not only fit and complement my body – but ones that are comfortable - these jeans seem to be made for  real women who want to look incredible! Thank you skinny jeans – for making a pair of jeans that I look and feel great in – NOW – how about starting a line of bras?

Meirav, Atlanta, Georgia.
Just to let you know that I got the jeans, they are amazing!!! love them :))) I've never had a weight issue , but they make the body look fantastic. Let me know if you have any other products coming out.
Thanks again :)

Cheryl, Boston, Massachusetts
Ladies, just get a pair.... seriously. I've tried on possibly hundreds of jeans, expensive jeans, to no avail.  These jeans make me look tall, slim, and chic! They are extremely comfortable and you can wear them with heels or with flip flops and still look fantastic! Worth the investment for sure!

Rebecca, Toronto, Canada
I am looking to use the attached photo in one of our documentaries. The photo would be posted on a wall as our director tries jeans on in a dressing room – none of which fit. She looks up in envy at the poster of a girl with the perfect jeans. I had come across this photo of your jeans while searching on the Internet.

Monique, Manhattan Beach, California
Can I just say I wear your jeans everyday. I think I wore them 15 times before I washed them. They are really really great!! My next paycheck – I’m hitting you up!!

Lillian, New York, New York
I feel confident and beautiful when I wear my Skinny Jeans. It's always better to look your best. They make a gap in-between my legs that immediately make anyone look 5 lbs lighter. Also, the high waist is fabulous tummy control. The materials all stretch, hold, and sculpt the perfect figure. I wear them more than the expensive designer jeans I own!

Andrea, New York, New York
Yesterday, I tried on a few jeans, but they were all too low and they have that bagginess in the inner thigh. Yours fit me the best. I love jeans with blazers... the fall is coming and I have to get my wardrobe together!!

Dorian, Mill Valley, California
I received my skinny jeans yesterday and I LOVE THEM. They make me look skinnier than I've ever been and they're so comfortable without a belt! I want so many more...
Barbara, West Orange, New Jersey
After receiving my skinny jeans, I love them so much I keep ordering more. They really do make you look skinny. Keep them coming!

Linda, Orangeburg, New Jersey
I recently wore the new Skinny Jeans and got tons of compliments on them. The fit is really flattering and best of all I finally have a pair of jeans that a tall person like myself can wear with my favorite 4 inch heels.

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